Recycling Fungi science mural: 3.6 meters x 0.9 meters. A composition of Alaskan fungi and its ecology
"Interpretation enriches lives through engaging emotions, enhancing experiences and deepening understanding of people, places, events and objects from past and present."
SCIENCE Posters & Illustrations
Interpreted posters, backdrops and illustrations created in consultation and collaboration with scientists, mapping, logistic professionals and corporate management. These works have been shown mostly at expos and conferences. Below are some examples of many created over several years.
Photography for these works have been supplied by the client, including the Australian Antarctic Division and CCAMLR - The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

Subantarctic Fungi & Beetles: A0 science poster - 1189x841mm
The Law on Ice: A0 historic poster. Created as a backdrop mural for delegates of the Supreme and Federal Court's Judges Conference, Australian Antarctic Division. A3 printed posters were supplied to each delegate
Cycles in the Forest: A0 science poster - 1189x841mm. A description of Alaskan forest ecology
Easther Island: A personal account of Easther Island, Antarctica. Poster, 420x420mm
Geographic Data: promotional poster, 900x850mm
Remnants in the Ground: A0 science poster - 1189x841mm,
describing polluting waste remaining on Heard Island, Southern Ocean
Residual Caesium: A0 science poster describing the reading of radioactive fallout in Alaskan lichen
Southern Ocean illustrations including a web portal illustrations for education
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