Photographs, images taken from our world and frozen in time, are an eye of their own persuasion.
When woven with each other in a many layered context, they create a world of their own, expressing
subtleties of transparency and depth . . . .

SONGS to a Deeper World was an exhibition of limited edition photographic art prints on paper & cloth. Originally shown with sculpture by Sue Gorrell, soundscapes by Susan McGowan and verse from the tree pujas by Ahimsadhara or Helen Cushing. New works are included in this collection on an ongoing basis, and all works are exhibited in various shows.

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TARKINE Huon Dreaming​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Flight - Winner of the Bellingen Art Prize Members Award 2010
Black Prince
Yggdrasil II​​​​​​​
Childrenii Faerie Flies

Dragonfly Dance
Cicada Walk
Eucalyptus Dawn
Weather Tree
Dogwood Lines
Eucalyptus Dusk
Eucalyptus Day
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