​​​​​Tarkine Huon Dreaming ~ nature mandala
Photographic art. Limited edition archival ink print on fine art paper. Printed area: 50x50cm to 85x85cm
TARKINE Huon Dreaming was created as part of  Tarkine in Motion, an environmental art project coordinated by the Bob Brown Foundation, where 70 artists spent 72 hours in this threatened wild place on Tasmania's NW Coast. The project culminated with an exhibition in the Long Gallery, Hobart  and the Wilderness Gallery, Cradle Mountain in 2020, Australia.
VIDEO: Pingala Walsh - Digital Artist
Describing Pingala's experience of the Tarkine wilderness and making of the Tarkine Huon Dreaming mandala, this work exemplifies the delight of connection and belonging to nature. A wellspring of inspiration, spirit and depth.
Tarkine Dreaming, renamed Pingala Walsh - Digital Artist a short video by Lara van Raay
Pingala Walsh - Digital Artist
Video - Original name:Tarkine Dreaming for ABC Open

How can you capture the spirit of a place as magnificent as Tasmania's Tarkine wilderness?
For Pingala Walsh, weaving together elements that she has photographed and brought together to make an art work means getting intimately acquainted with the detail of the flora and fauna of a place.
This film is about an artist's journey to interpret Tasmania's Tarkine - a place over-flowing with beauty and incredible detail as plants such as the Huon Pine, Myrtle and Sassafras all nestle together with countless mosses, lichens and fungi.
Pingala Walsh is an artist, a designer, a photographer and an illustrator. The piece she created in this video is called Tarkine Huon Dreaming.
Filmed, produced and edited by Lara van Raay - producer for ABC Open Southern Tasmania 2015
Detail of TARKINE Huon Dreaming
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