WEB of LIFE display: Islands to Ice exhibition
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Illustrative display with information graphics, as part of TMAG's Islands to Ice permanent in-house exhibition.
Photographic and vector illustrations created while working with the exhibition’s curator and scientist from concept to final art. Printed on film and mounted to a backlit acrylic display.
The works are also used as online resources for TMAG under Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic islands and the Southern Ocean / subsection: Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic islands and the Southern Ocean / Islands to Ice education kit - supplementary resources. Composition photographs were supplied by TMAG.

Web of Life artwork: backlit Lambda print on acrylic. 130x110cm
Biomass information graphic describing wildlife content quantities in the Southern Ocean
Key to the Web of Life display
Foodweb diagram for a TMAG publication
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